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Bowen Island Cormorant eCard

Purchase the Cormorant eCard and get 10 pre-paid trips. You have to be a site member to purchase this card. You will be prompted to register when you click on the option to get a card..

When you use the Cormorant eCard to pay for subsequent trips; you will need to log on first, you will be able to cancel the entire booking - with all the participants in one transaction. If you have one tentative person in your party; consider booking separate transactions so you can manage the cancellation better.

Log on first:

To see your current balance, go to My Cormorant eCard

To see your bookings, go to My Online Bookings

  • 10 trips on the Bowen Island Service

    Bowen Island: Cormorant eCard

    10 Online Bookable Trips at preferred pricing
    • Tax added at checkout when you purchase this Cormorant eCard
    • Trip value immediately returned to card when you cancel.
    • Easy, no fee, Rebooking and Cancellations
    • See your balance online
    • No expiry date on balance
    • Travel with friends/family
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