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Cormorant Marine Water Taxi

Online Bookings

Online Booking is available for scheduled runs between Horseshoe Bay, Sunset Marina and the Sea Ranch, Artaban (Port Graves) and intermediate docks. All other bookings and charters please call.

If you are a frequent traveller between the Sea Ranch, the intermediate docks and the Lower Mainland, we recommend that you purchase a virtual Frequent Traveller Card. That Frequent Traveller Card is the next evolution of the punch card we used to have. You need to register as a member on our web site to purchase the card. It will only be useable for online bookings.  

Departure times on schedule are always Horseshoe Bay or Sea Ranch. Adjust to your pickup/dropoff dock. Example as follows: Plan to be ready at your dock 15 minutes ahead of scheduled departure. 

to Gambier Island Service


Departure time                          Horseshoe Bay
Departure time +15 minutes         Sunset Marina
                                                          Bowyer Island
                                                               Halkett Bay
                                                                  Camp Fircom
                                                                     @docks to Hope Point
                                                                  Breakwater Dock
                                                               Gambier Point
                                                           Sunset Estates
                                                        Camp Artaban - Port Graves
Departure time +75 minutes         Arrival Sea Ranch

West Service

to Sunset / Horseshoe Bay Service


Departure time                                  Sea Ranch
Departure time + 5 minutes             Camp Artaban - Port Graves
Departure time +10 minutes          Sunset Estates
Departure time +15 minutes       Gambier Point
Departure time +20 minutes    Breakwater Dock
Departure time +25 minutes @docks from Hope Point to Fircom
Departure time +30 minutes    Camp Fircom
Departure time +35 minutes       Halkett Bay
Departure time +45 minutes          Bowyer Island
Departure time +50 minutes              Arrival Sunset Marina
Departure time +60 minutes                 Arrival Horseshoe Bay

East Service

For Centre Bay and West Bay bookings please call our dispatch at 604-250-2630

Gambier Time Table

Our current operational planning has at the earliest a two week window for online bookings. This means trips can only be booked no more than two weeks in advance. Please check back closer to your trip date if it is outside of this date range. We are here for your travel needs!

Current Sailing Schedule

Dec 11 - Dec 17