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We will revisit the frequently asked questions section with helpful hints and tips to ensure you will find the answer to your question. 

  • ▦ August/September 2023 Notifications: Bowen Island Commuter Schedule change for August
    to our Customers on the Horseshoe Bay to Bowen Island Service Update for August/September Commuter Schedule DEPARTURE TIMES 5:05pm from Horseshoe Bay - Snug Cove Monday to Thursday 5:20pm from Snug Cove - Horseshoe Bay Monday to Thursday 5:35pm from Horseshoe Bay - Snug Cove Monday to Thursday Public Holidays (no commuter service) September 4. There will be no service on Friday’s for the month of August and September due to other operations. This will be reassessed. Due to the tight turnaround schedule we are able to wait no longer than 5 minutes for late passengers. REMINDER There is the benefit of a lower price ($15 pre booked vs $15.75 walk on) and guaranteed seat by pre booking, however pre booking is not required. You may show up without a booking to see if space is available. You can check our website up to 30 minutes before departure to see how many seats are available. Pre booking closes 30 minutes before departure. For those who are not pre booked, payment can be done onboard the vessel by Visa, MasterCard or cash. Please refer to our website for our cancellation policy. IMPORTANT We are happy to answer questions via phone call, but are unable to take bookings over the phone. Text messages to the business line are not monitored - Please do not text the business line with questions or if you are running late. Questions on this email will not be monitored. Please call for any questions or consult our website. Mike Laudrum Operations Manager
  • ▦ June/July 2023 Notifications: Launching the new Cormorant eCard
    As of March 10, 2023, we launched the new Gambier Island Cormorant eCard and in July 2023 we are launching the new Bowen Island Cormorant eCard. This is reminiscent of the now discontinued paper punch cards and give our valued Cormorant customers preferred pricing. The card is not refundable.
  • ▦ June/July 2023 Notifications: New cancellation policy
    Policy Advisory. Our new cancellation policy on our services to Gambier Island (Bowyer Island) and Bowen Island is 6 hours prior to departure. No refunds under 6 hours. No shows - no refunds.
  • ▦ June/July 2023 Notifications: Online booking expanded to additional destinations
    March 1, 2023, we launched additional an online bookable service from Horseshoe Bay, Sunset Marina to Long Bay, Centre-, West Bay terminating at Gambier Harbour, servicing the intermediate docks on the way. In July, 2023 we are launching the Horseshoe Bay to Bowen Island, Snug Cove service bookable online. Thank you for travelling with Cormorant Water Taxi.
  • ▦ June/July 2023 Notifications: Fares in 2023
    To stay in line with cost of living increases, online booked tickets increased from $30 to $32 plus tax, starting March 1, 2023. The tickets on the service to Bowen Island will be $15 plus tax. The service is starting in July, 2023.
  • How to Rebook your Online Reservation
    Before booking any trips, ensure that you have created a Cormorant Water Taxi member ID with your email. Bookings that you make while logged on to Cormorant Water Taxi can be easily managed through My Bookings. Rebooking is free and fast and can be done up to 6 hours, before your scheduled departure.
  • Online booked tickets are subject to an 8% non-refundable charge when cancelled unless booked through a Cormorant eCard
    Alternatively purchase a Cormorant eCard for which there is no charge when cancelling a trip
  • Online booked tickets cannot be applied to charters
    policy advisory
  • Online booked tickets can only be rebooked online
    policy advisory
  • Confirmation emails [also check your spam folder]
    Our reservation system will send you a confirmation email for the sailing that you booked. If you don't see the email in your inbox, please check your Spam folder and mark it as "not spam". Our confirmation emails are sent from Cormorant Water Taxi <>
  • What sailings can be booked online
    Online Booking is available for scheduled services running between Horseshoe Bay / Sunset Marina the Long Bay, Sea Ranch / Artaban and intermediate docks as well as Center-, West Bay and Gambier Harbour. Travellers can book pickups and drop-offs to and from any dock along the route. Online Bookings are also available for the scheduled service from Horseshoe Bay to Bowen Island starting in July 2023. All other bookings and charters please call our dispatch on (604) 250-2630 Gambier Island: Our operational planning makes it possible to book about 2 weeks ahead. Bowen Island: Our operational planning makes it possible to book one month out. Trips outside of that date range can be either booked closer to the travel date or you can still book a charter. Other Gambier Island sailings that aren't covered by the online scheduled runs can be arranged directly with our dispatch in the usual manner. Please note that tickets purchased for online scheduled trips can't be applied to charters. If you can't travel you must either cancel or reschedule online. Online booked tickets cannot be applied ad-hoc when travelling to a new trip. Operators are not permitted to transfer bookings at time of travel.
  • Cancellations & Rebookings
    You can reschedule or cancel your own booking by signing in to our member area and go to My Bookings. If the trip was booked with one of our Cormorant eCards, you will be able to cancel or rebook at no charge. Balance will be refunded to your card immediately. If you booked a ticket(s) without a Cormorant eCard, you can cancel a trip within the published booking policy time frame, you will receive a refund minus the 8% non-refundable booking fee. Our payment processor takes about 5-10 days to refund. If you know you will travel with us again in the future, you may want to use the reschedule function in My Bookings. No partial cancellations or partial rebookings are possible! Cancellations for scheduled trips 6 hours prior to sailing. No call necessary. Cancellations for charters 6 hours prior to trip. Please call. Online scheduled bookings are not interchangeable with charters! Reschedules only apply to online bookable trips. Operators are not permitted to accept payment for a trip with the booking from another paid trip. You need to reschedule or cancel.
  • How much cargo can I bring?
    Load factors are important on a boat; not just for safety. There are also passenger limits on a boat due to regulations and boat capacity. These factors affect what loads we can accommodate and need to charge for. Please always consult with our dispatch before assuming it will be ok. Excess and oversize loads subject to charge. For scheduled trips, when you travel with Cormorant Marine consider luggage limitations on our boats. Guidance: if you can carry it in-one-go; we can too. We charge extra for excess baggage per person over and above personal goods and luggage. Payment for this will be collected when loading at the pick-up locations by cash or credit card. Items considered “excessive and over-sized” and not personal luggage include: freight, all fuels, building materials, gardening materials, machinery and furniture etc. These must be discussed with dispatch prior to booking. For booking freight transportation please contact; Operations Manager Mike Laudrum directly at 604-250-2630. For chartered trips, please discuss your cargo needs with our dispatch.
  • Horseshoe Bay to Snug Cove Service
    We will resume the service between Horseshoe Bay and Snug Cove. Please consult the online schedule for more information on the service.
  • I need to catch a flight; I need to catch a connecting ferry
    Wind, currents, heavy loads, mechanical issues, wildlife, traffic and other unforseen emergencies at sea may ultimately mean we don't arrive on time. We may be compelled to assist another vessel! This means that you need to anticipate and plan for enough transition time between different modes of transport. You have our committment to get you to your destination. We will do our best!
  • What mobile operating systems are supported?
    Our mobile-friendly site is currently supported by the following operating systems on mobile devices: iPhone: iOS 14 and above (iPhone 7 and above) Android: 9.0 and above Alternatively use a Web browser on your desktop.
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