History - Bowen Island Water Taxi

Cormorant Marine started in 1978 with the purchase of the Cabrini, a fibreglass crew boat built in 1965. (picture) In 1981 the 18 passenger vessel Kildonan Hustler was purchased from Vancouver Island. Renamed Bowen Arrow this boat was powered by two 330hp 454 cu. in. gas engines. It passed everything in the Sound (except the fuel dock!)


In 1986 with EXPO 86 in mind we purchased a 38 passenger vessel from B.C. Forest Products Ltd. Originally named the Alvin Queen, the boat became surplus to their needs with a downturn in the forest industry. We renamed the boat Apodaca, which was the original Spanish name for Bowen Island.


In 1987 after some tough times we reluctantly had to sell the Cabrini, which went back to her home waters in the Queen Charlottes. The Bowen Arrow went to the Yukon for tours on Bennett Lake.


In 1992 increasing business made possible the ordering of a new 12 passenger vessel from Daigle Welding in Campbell River. The Cormorant 1 was a welcome addition. 


In 2001 the 40 passenger vessel Kinbasket Queen was put into service. Although built in

1981 for use on the coast it never felt the saltchuck for 20 years. It was brought down by trailer from Kinbasket Lake (formed by the Mica Creek Dam). 

A 40-year-old adventure at sea

It was 40 years ago that Brian Biddlecombe left the corporate world behind and started Cormorant Marine.


Our first boat, the Caprini

Caprini Beauty.png

In medical emergencies the water taxi helps the community.