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Terms of Service

Service Reliability and on-time service

Our services to you are dependent on weather, traffic volume and also rely on mechanical systems. It is possible that from time-to-time sailings run late or may even need to be cancelled. It is possible that from time-to-time sailings run late or may even need to be cancelled as a result of severe weather conditions, mechanical difficulties or other circumstances.

You have our commitment to get you to your destination at the earliest possible.

We understand that travel plans change. For scheduled trips, you can rebook your reservation online prior to the trip according to the respective policy. No show - No refund You will have to have booked the trip while logged on to be able to rebook it ahead of time. Your logon to our web site ties the booking to you. To rebook, log on and go to My Bookings and reschedule. There is no charge! You can only rebook the group that you previously booked as a whole. If you have the situation where individuals in your group might want to rebook separately, book them in separate transactions in anticipation of that. You can only rebook to another online scheduled trip; the online booking can't be applied to a charter. If you can't rebook and you need to cancel, please note, refunds currently take 5 to 10 days for our processing service and the refund is subject to an 8% non-refundable booking fee. If possible, reschedule your trip to an available sailing. No partial cancellations or partial rebookings are possible!

For chartered trips, please liaise with our dispatch 6 hours before departure. Charges may apply.

Online bookings please consult the cancellation policy. 

Cargo Policy

For scheduled trips, when you travel with Cormorant Marine consider luggage limitations on our boats. Guidance: if you can carry it in-one-go; we can too. We charge extra for excess baggage per person over and above personal goods and luggage. Payment for this will be collected when loading at the pick-up locations by cash or credit card. Items considered “excessive and over-sized” and not personal luggage include: freight, all fuels, building materials, gardening materials, machinery and furniture etc. These must be discussed with dispatch prior to booking. For booking freight transportation please contact; Operations Manager Mike Laudrum directly at 604-250-2630.

For chartered trips, please discuss your cargo needs with our dispatch. 

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